ECG-COMON EIS round-robin results published

The results of several round-robin exercises on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy are published now: S. Ritter, R.-W. Bosch, F. Huet, et al., Results of an international round-robin exercise on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Corrosion Engineering,...

The 2020 meeting of the ECG-COMON needed to be shifted to 2021

Due to the Corona crisis and its (travel) restrictions it will not be possible to hold a meeting with full attendance even in June. Therefore the Executive Committee has decided to shift the 2020 meeting to June 2021 (here you can find the meeting information).

ECG-COMON meeting 2019 is history

The 2019 meeting of the ECG-COMON has been successfully held at Hotel Berthelot, in Bucharest, Romania! Interesting presentations, discussions, as well as excellent entertainment! Big thanks to our local host (RATEN ICN)!

New ECG-COMON website launched

The ECG-COMON website has been completely renewed and is online now. Only the kind sponsoring of CORMET and support of PSI made this possible!